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Back with a vengeance!

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So, firstly my apologies for being away.

I’ve been busy and I’m bursting to tell you about it!! 

My daughter turned 1 year old on Halloween, and with the dawning of her new age, I decided it’s high time I got my digital hat on and committed myself to getting our fabulous life out there.

So I do now solemnly swear to update, to share, to inspire & to get you all on board my ship of enthusiasm for finding the fabulous in every element of life!



May edition of the Norwich Resident – fabulous Nanokeratin Blow Dry System for happy hair days!

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Norwich Resident COVER May 2015-2Deb's Column May 2015-2

I love a daydream as much (if not more) as the next person, but whilst I might be Beyonce in my front room, I do know that I am not the embodiment of her, and as much as she may shout “I woke up like this!”, she is in fact having us on, and we need to be aware of this if  we are to be the glamourous beings we have in our imagination.

2 points that I’ve encountered recently:
1) “How do you look so effortlessly glamourous all the time”?
Answer: I get up and make an effort every morning.

2) “I just want to get up, do nothing to my hair and look glamourous”.
Answer:  Sadly, for very few of us, this is unachievable.  You won’t look glamorous but you will look like you’ve got up and done nothing.

Hats off to anyone who spends hours painting their face daily, but, like most of us women, I have a small child and a business to run, plus my addiction to shopping to maintain, so I have learnt that a little consistent maintenance goes a long way to making my routine manageable.

I’m not going to bore you with my regime, but my fundamental priority for keeping my hair in check, is that of maintaining its condition.

We all know that good product care and regular trims help maintain healthy locks, but to combat hair weakened by backcombing, bleaching and heat damage, my absolute must is the Nanokeratin Blow Dry System.

The treatment is a scientifically proven molecular hair repair system that combats frizz and repairs damage from the inside out.  Also known as a permanent blow dry, the results last approx. 12 weeks depending on the level of damage the hair is in.  This treatment is a must for those trying to grow their hair, to repair damage caused by chemical, environmental and heat exposure, or simply to rejuvenate a crowning glory. There is a system for every hair type and length and, as someone who is guilty of all the aforementioned hair sins (yes, I should know better), I swear by it for the preservation and manageability of my own barnet.

Healthier, maintained hair = less time battling with the comb and more time to work on perfecting Beyonce’s dance moves.  Now where did I put my microphone? I mean hair brush…

The Nanokeratin Blow Dry System is available in salon, call 01603 305555 to book.

Love Debs xxx

April edition of the Norwich Resident – enjoy!

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COVERDeb's column April 2015


As a mother to the most glorious five month old baby, I am a woman who has not only had my life enriched, but my waist line too. So this chocolate fuelled Easter season I shall focus on something much more constructive, my ever trusty tool to keep me on the straight and narrow: the dressing of hair!  In particular,  that of the Bridal variety.

A fellow hair enthusiast and I were recently organising our diaries and agreed  that the word “Bridal” always conjures up mental images of the crispy backcombed, stiff, static “up do’s” that were taught in our 90’s apprenticeship days. There was always one stylist in the salon that ‘specialised’ in said Stepford wife-esque creations, and woe betide anyone who dared to think outside of the box or challenged the old school principles. We would dread the inevitable burnt fingers from the Carmen Rollers and the taste of gallons of hairspray.

Today we find ourselves embracing a new age of beautiful bespoke bridal service. Anything goes and is as individual as the brides we have the pleasure to work with. As stylists we take pleasure in doing our research and being enthused with creating something outstanding for that very special of days.

I’ve had the pleasure of working on vintage, designer, pagan, Indian and even a Lord of the Rings themed wedding. Some are simplistic ceremonies, others required my attendance over two days.

No matter how follicley fussy a client is, I always encourage them to have professional help for their big day, my reasons being:

  1. Emotions can run high, any negative ones amplified, so sit back with a glass of bubbles and let someone else take the hair stress off your hands.
  2. Your photograph will be taken from every angle so hair needs to look good from 360 degrees, for a minimum of 8 hours, mission impossible in your own hands.
  3. Your hair is your crowning glory. You wouldn’t wear flip flops with your wedding dress, so apply the same thought to what’s going on up top.
  4. Lastly, we not only have a solution for every hair requirement, but we’re also good at persuading flower girls to behave, getting creases out of dresses and fetching stiff drinks when needed!

Love Debs xxx

On location – fast & effective hair changes

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Our brief for the Cover story look for the Norwich fashion week mini mag was:
A Russian billionairess engaging the affections of her young male companions.
I envisaged the boys to be sleek haired & well groomed.
On shoot day we prepped the hair & makeup in my salon. I decided to straighten both of the male models hair and shape up their beards to give them a similar look.

I smoothed out my models hair using Labelm shine spray, GHD original straighteners and finishing with Labelm serum.
A sharp side parting gave them a controlled and symmetrical look.
For their beards, I dry trimmed with my Wahl mini clippers and finished with Labelm serum.

To change the look from that of smart daywear to immaculate eveningwear, I created a sleek knot secured in the nape of the neck to show off their shirt collars and to give a different more intense overall feeling. The hair was held firmly in place with hair elastic and set with Labelm Hold and Gloss for a high shine expensive looking finish.

men 1IMG_9417 men 2

Behind the scenes Hair & Makeup for Norwich Fashion Week magazine 2015

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A little insight into our motivation & method in creating our finished looks for the cover story of the Norwich Fashion Week ’15 mini magazine…

The brief: A Russian billionairess seduces her young male companions with her wealth and gifts.

My interpretation for hair was: Powerful/sleek/eighties/Brigitte Neilson strong, mature woman sassy look for my model Christina.
For her young male companion I felt a sleek side parted well groomed look was appropriate.

Christina’s usually curly wild hair was blow dried with a Labelm large round brush after having applied lashings of Labelm volume mousse, to create a smooth, voluminous and highly polished look.

The hair was finished with Labelm  soft wax and Labelm hold & gloss to create a strong, immovable, highly polished result that screamed power and dominance!!
The boys hair was smoothed with the GHD’s and finished with a Labelm serum.

I prepped the models hair and Natalie perfected their makeup in my salon, with hair & make up touch ups on location as required throughout the day.

IMG_9416 110315 1 IMG_8192 110315 2 IMG_8201 110315 4 IMG_8206 110315 3

Norwich Fashion Week Mini Mag Behind The Scenes

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So we’re in the midst of the uniquely diverse and talent fuelled Norwich fashion week, which hopefully everyone has managed to catch a slice of (no matter how big or small a piece)!  I thought therefore I’d give you all a little ‘behind the scenes’ insight into what went on to create the cover story for the Fashion Week mini mag….

I am proud to be the “Hair expert ” for the Norwich Resident magazine and as my dear friend & editor Emma Harrowing knows, I do love a location shoot! So I donned my bobble hat & set out into the crisp chilly winters morning…

Our fabulous team was assembled:
Paul Bayfield aka Timesniper: Photography

Natalie Tombleson: Make Up Artist

Debs Dominic: Hair

James Rush   / Aaron Beck: Male models

Christina : The Grande Dame

IMG_9415 110315

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with the photographer & makeup artist on previous shoots, and with the help of a little accessorising from Mercedes Benz (Norwich fashion week sponsor) and a few trinkets from the amazing Winsor bishop, the day turned into hive of creative activity.

We shot on location in the Famous Norwich Lanes, Cathedral and ended on a high outside the City Hall.

IMG_9149 110315IMG_8218 110315

The end of the day at LFW 15

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So at the end of my day, over a cream tea in polo cafe in spitalfields, after hours of looking at material magic, I came to the conclusion that my greatest find at fashion week was the people I had met that brought it alive for me.
Two very different designs, from different countrys, one the designer, one a representative, both with enthusiasm and passion that brought to life the garments they were displaying.
I realise that I love beautiful things, but what I love most is a story behind them, and having the chance to glimpse into the world from which they come from. Lucky old me xxxx

end of the day